man holding phone with Omni on screen

Omni Job Assistant App

Skills - User Research, User Testing, Prototyping, Adobe XD, Adobe Indesign

Summary - Solving a Microsoft Design Challenge for exclusion in a deskless workspace. Created and user tested an app prototype.

picture of laptop with website on screen

Little Einstein Toy Store Website

Skills - User Research, Prototyping, Invision, Sketch

Summary - Design of an online presence for a brick and mortar toy store using good UX principles.

3d model of man's head poking through bushes

Fruit Maniac Gets Punished

Skills - Maya 2018, Photoshop

Summary - An animation that explores expectation vs reality in storytelling.

leonidas from movie 300 looking smug

Breaking Translations

Skills - Premiere

Summary - An exercise in breaking the coherence of a translation by having Google regurgitate its own translations. Explores the variance of different languages.

brown water saw replica made of wood

Leonardo's Water Saw

Skills - Premiere, Research, Photoshop

Summary - Recreation of Leonardo's water powered saw from drawings and research. Edited final video.

screenshot of website homepage

League Info Search

Skills - MongoDB, Express, React.js, Node.js

Summary - React based full stack site that searches the Riot Games API for information about your ingame opponent.

dark room with clock showing time

Long Nights

Skills - Premiere, Filming

Summary - Video essay exploring depression and sleepless nights.

grass landscape with pink sky and clouds

Lazy Sunset

Skills - P5.js, Javascript

Summary - An animation that is meant to evoke serenity.

dog near river looking to the left

Dreaming of Summer

Skills - Reaper, FL Studio

Summary - Mellow audio journey through a forest in surround sound. Created for a multichannel system.

blue and pink sky with silhouette of houses at the bottom

Personal Graphic Design

Skills - Photoshop, Photography

Summary - Cover art for my songs. Created visual language that followed my personality but was melleable to change